Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples. Couples are willing to travel to a tropical paradise for a holiday with a small and private guest list rather than spend a fortune on a larger than life wedding ceremony at home.

Tropical locations are one of the most popular places for destination weddings however, there are the legal side of weddings that are needed to be taken care of too. So, why opt for two celebrants to take care of everything when you can have one to take care of all the legal aspects here in Sydney, Australia?

I, Seyda Kurtmen conduct both a legal ceremony and a destination wedding celebration ensuring that the entire marriage process goes smoothly without a hassle. Through my service you can avail the certain benefits and that includes:

  • You can meet with me face to face in advance to plan a customized wedding ceremony
  • This will help eliminate any language barriers that may occur when using an international celebrant or costly translation services
  • Complete all the legal paperwork at home before you leave for the wedding
  • Receive all the legal documents eliminating all the need for carrying legal documents with you
  • Any guests unable to attend the destination wedding can attend the legal ceremony at home

You may ask; how I charge for such a service? On top of my usual fee for a wedding ceremony in Sydney of course there is my travel & accommodation cost that will need to be covered.

So, relax and allow me to handle every legal aspect of your wedding proficiently. A quality destination wedding is just a call away. Contact me now to find out how I can help you.